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by David Beck-Brown

[Art installation/exhibition (work in progress)]

I am looking for a museum to display my art installation/exhibition entitled HISTORY ERASED: ADOLF HITLER THE ARTIST.

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David Beck-Brown Gallery

At this time, historic artifacts are being assembled onto eight (8) custom pedestals that will be distributed within the gallery space. The pedestals are of hardwood flooring, identical to the wood flooring crafted in traditional Austrian homes. All the items in this art installation have been refurbished to appear new, or as they may have appeared during the first half of the last century.

The ideal showing space could be similar to the Old Santa Fe Train Depot in San Diego. I have had three solo art exhibitions in that space, highlights of my art career. That space now houses the downtown annex of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD). With that space no longer available, an old warehouse may be a suitable alternative.

The art installation/exhibition highlights a little known aspect of history; and as such, it may well be a good teaching tool for the public.


On Saturday, April 23, 2016, this website received 714 hits.

Weekly it usually averages from 4 to 500 hits. Many of them are initiated from North America, Asia, followed by Europe.

My website documents the interest of each individual nation, what people are viewing the site as well as the searching service they are using. It rarely receives interest from Israel (Zippo).

I welcome my friends in Israel to view my posts.

Each of my published articles on the topics of Corrections, Prisons and Law Enforcement, were viewed from Israel around 50 times. That is an extravagant number. Similarly, my sections on ART, ACTING, NEWS, as well as my ARTIST PROFILE received the similar number of website hits. Other than my HOME PAGE, the website has not been upgraded for many months.

On the HOME PAGE is my request for an respectable art museum to host HISTORY ERASED: ADOLF HITLER THE ARTIST. The size requirement for such an ambitious art installation-exhibition is enormous. Its physical content includes antique furnishing positioned on large wood pedestals, as well as 17 enlarged painting created by Adolf Hitler.

The paintings are partially erased to symbolize his role as an artist as it is remembered. The exhibition's philosophic content is TRUTH IN HISTORY. It displays the work of an artist who created some 3,000 paintings and drawings in his lifetime. This number of works were enough to feel an entire wing of his proposed massive art gallery in Linz, Austria.

As an accomplished artist he is now known (at best) as a FAILED ARTIST. However, the facts state otherwise. At one time he supported himself and his roommate from the sales of his artwork. At the end of WWII some 1,000 of his mature works were looted by the Allied Forces. Other works were destroyed and burned. This left few of his mature paintings to adequately determine his talent as an artist.

This is a historical exhibition and production. Because of the interest my website is receiving from Israel, perhaps Israel may wish to host this ambitious, and historically significant, art installation-exhibition.

All enquiries are welcomed.


David Beck-Brown