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David Beck-Brown's master's thesis, entitled The Cycle That Has Always Been, was written on Intermedia Performance and his Bachelors degree is in painting, followed by a Masters degree in sculpture. He was also a professional modern dancer when attending the university. Since that time he has graduated from a Meisner-based acting school.

As a young painter, he studied modern dance to better understand and conceptualize three-dimensional space. This led him to study sculpture and film animation. Film led him to acting.

As many artists, he moves with ease from one art form to another as have artists such as Andy Warhol, Oscar Schlemmer, Eleanor Antin, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci and others. 

Recently, he was asked to submit a short autobiography to an emerging arts magazine. With a background in creative writing and investigative journalism, he wrote the following poem in the spirit of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass to describe his vision:   


"Life is energy-consciousness and we are conduits. 

Are artists hard-wired to be painters, sculptors, actors, dancers, poets, or writers?

If so, not me (never again). 

My creative juices snap, spark, jump and pop, like hot blazing Tesla-bright coils, lightning-flash, and brilliant."


Art is the human condition that expresses itself by any means. Some common elements within the vocabulary of the arts are thick-thin, fast-slow, black-white, large-small, a beat here and a beat there, and a genuine feeling and emotion. These are expressed through colors, movement, sounds and a sense of wonderment as translated through visual symbols in the form of written words. There are no defining lines between the visual, performing and literary arts.

David Beck-Brown's art is a form of exploration and communication that is often directed towards social change. As he said in one interview, "I create because I am alive."