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  David Beck-Brown


  Art is communication and writing is a means of articulating the intent of my artwork. It also serves in expressing ideas of social concern and prison-reform. I find it evolving (along with my visual art and theatre experiences) towards the direction of screenwriting: storyboards, illustrating dramatic events, performed by trained actors.
  Selected Examples: (Prison-Reform)
    Police Hot Stop: It Could Happen to You
    Amerikan Gestapo
  Archive to 2009
    United We Stand
    Feathers: (An Epic Prison Poem)
    The Political Catwalk
    Jack's Back Out
    The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens and Police
    3-Strikes is a Trick
    Pea Bargaining
    The Fritter Machine
    Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty
    A Solid Egg
    Escape Goats
    House of Cards
    Thought Police
    If Youíre Not Familiar with It, Donít Try to Fix It
    The War on Drugs, a Colombian's View
    Wild Prison Life
    The High Price of Prison Riots
    Corrections, Reform Yourself
    Prison Reform is Not Happening
    Jessica's Law: one-strike laws are bad
    The High Cost of Prison Overcrowding
    More Trouble for Our Prison System
    Rebuilding the California Department of Corrections
    New Prisons Chief Faces Tough Task
    Can Our Prisons Afford It?
    Tough on Crime? Our Wallets Take the Beating
    An Open Letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    An Argument for Funding California's Arts in Corrections Program
    Faceless (A book in progress)
    Writing Résumé
    Prison-Reform Résumé