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Welcome to my Cyber Business Card listing recent activities:

Web designer Dale Olguin at CafeWebDesign has worked with me in creating this user-friendly website.

This "News" section documents my creative activities as well as promotes the work and craft of other artists and community projects. Feel free to contact me regarding matters of mutual interest.

Sincerely, David Beck-Brown


September 2011


TWELVE: A group art exhibition

Carved Paintings Series (Two works)

Opening reception Saturday, September 10th, 6-9:30 PM

1660 Lugano Lane
Del Mar, California 92014
(Google Map)

Huge Art Event: A group art exhibition

Woman-Icon Series (Seven sculptures)

Opening reception Friday, September 9th, 6-11 PM

57 Degrees
1735 Hancock Street
San Diego, California 92101
(Google Map)

Description: Throughout the wars of history, many artistic contributions from prominent societies were destroyed, yet some remain after the conflict settled. These standing sculptures, abandoned and damaged, endure to offer hope for the future.

The survivors are often decapitated. Some reveal a hole to the heart, a perpetual wound in the core or their existence. Their lingering scars remind us of the sacrifices made for dissension. They forewarn us to avoid the pain of hostility.

My Woman-Icon Series depicts seven female entities representing the artistic contributions of seven cultures over the timeline of history.


April 2011

  "NO FOOLING" Gallery Opening  


Gallery Opening Reception

Date: Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 6:30 to 11 PM

Location: 57 Degrees · 1735 Hancock Street · San Diego CA 92101


June 2010

  Gallery Event  

Opening Art Reception, June 12, 2010 from 5-9 PM

262 E, Grand Ave. Escondido CA. 92025.

(619) 436-8312

Oceanside Museum of Art, Invitational Art Action


May 2010

"Studio" Space Available

Artist colony, live/work "studio" space (approx. 20 X 20) on private road, fenced yard, deck, off-road parking, shower, kitchen, mirrored closet, stove, refrigerator, skylight, glass blocks, security door. $725 per month.

  • Water and electricity paid.
  • Available middle of May, 2010
  • Dogs and Cats Okay

Live/Work "Studio" Space

Front of Studio - View 1   Front of Home - View 2


Ad Shot of David and the Eagle Eyes Sunglasses  

I opened my Exxon credit card letter and saw an ad for Eagle Eyes (The ultimate in UV protection and vision enhancement…only $29.95!).

The LA photographer told me I had to shave off my mustache for the shoot. I did and he then said I looked like a girlie-man.


January-February 2010


Sculpture installation and collaboration with Sharon Bair for Beatles-related original artwork created by local artists, Art and Artifacts, group art exhibition at the Egedware Gallery, located in San Diego’s Kensington District.

Faceless (the book) has been taken off the back burner. It covers four decades (from 1977 through 2009) of this artist/writer compiling a body of work, portrait studies and renderings of convicted felons as well as the author’s writings and articles. I retired from the prison system now that inmate programs have been eliminated and have time to complete this work. Faceless continues to be the most viewed area of my website.


December 2009


Political illustrations and an article for A New PATH newsletter (See Writer page).


Fall 2009


The “art” of recovering from a job related broken leg, torn ligament and from arm surgery.

Yet, another art gallery (the previous Garden Gallery in Orange County) sold a work of mine ($6,000) and never told me. The collector called me to say how much he loves the work. Galleries practicing such theft are too common. I took the gallery to court and prevailed.

Working on a new body of art work created from copper panels. The motif is of serpents and circle.


September 2009

  • A newly refurbished Craftsman, two (02) large bedrooms, one (01) bath, vaulted ceiling, wood trim, kitchen & bathroom quarry tile floors, new carpet, freshly painted (in & out), private fenced yard, view, washer & dryer hook,-ups, off road assigned parking on private road, new appliances, ceilng fans, $1200 includes water.
  • Additional (secure) storage (or work) units measuring seven (07) feet wide by twelve (12) feet long for $150 per month, located at 9052-C, Rosedale Drive 91977.
  • Available October 01, 2009


Front of Home   Interior of Home

July 2009


Illustration, A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing) summer quarterly newsletter, 2009.

  David Beck-Brown Gallery  
  Click Image to Enlarge


October 2008


Save the Date! October 19th
The David Beck-Brown gallery will be open for business.
Come venture out of the downtown art scene to the only art studio located in the heart of the ghetto (15-20 minutes East of the Gaslamp District). View museum quality art in the peaceful environment of Spring Valley. Experience the beauty of a space a working artist can afford, while the owner awaits his NYC installation.

 Upcoming attractions at the David Beck-Brown gallery ~
   * bookings for individual and/or group shows
   * rental of space for work and/or storage

  David Beck-Brown Gallery  
  Click Image to Enlarge


August 2008


The 48 Hour Film Project. I play the role in a short film, "Hey, Did You Hear The News", as the head of a construction company in charge with cleaning up a section of debris from the attack on the NYC Twin Towers on 9/11.

For more information: The 48 Hour Film Project

To purchase festival all-day tickets: cinemaslam.net


July 2008


"I Can Fly" is the title of the children's book written by Sharon Bair and illustrated by David Beck-Brown. The book has been submitted for publication, and limited hard-cover editions are available to view in the San Diego community. The team is here ready to autograph your copy.

I Can Fly Drawing
Click Image to Enlarge

The story is about a bear who wants to fly and the lessons he learns from his experience. He has a dream, accepts his limitations, yet maintains a positive outlook on life. Written by an educator, the text is conducive to the classroom and is targeted for primary grades. It has been read by teachers, colleagues, parents and students of varying reading levels, including a third grader on the Brooklyn subway. Feedback speaks for itself when people respond, "When can I get my copy?"

As an Artist in Corrections educator, the inmates I teach have also read "I Can Fly" and can relate to the story's message about staying optimistic during trying times. The book, however, has the potential to serve more than just a motivational role for those incarcerated. Like the general population, many convicts have limited English skills, gaps in literacy or face learning challenges. The rhyming text in "I Can Fly" was written with diversity in mind. Since the book is dedicated to the author's late husband and the inmates at RJD with whom he worked, "I Can Fly" has merit as a powerful teaching tool in the prison system.

An autographed copy of "I Can Fly" has been given to A New Path (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing) and to the law firm of Hiden, Oertle and Rott.

Two more limited editions of the book have been requested for donation ~ one (including an outtake illustration) for the auction to benefit the Mt. Helix Park Foundation on August 23rd, and one for A New Path's Strut for Sobriety fundraiser on September 20th.

An original pen & ink framed diptych of the above renderings are now on display at the Lake Cuyamaca Austrian Restaurant located in the mountains of San Diego County. Say hello to the owner Franz Dorninger and enjoy the bratwurst. Tell him I sent you.

I Can Fly Drawing 1
I Can Fly Drawing 2

March-April 2008


San Diego Civic Center, Opera, a Confraternity supernumerary in the productions of Calvalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci, and a Pharaoh Guard in Aida.


February 2008


Artwork donated to fundraisers at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges, El Cajon, CA

Creating a new series of artwork


August 2007

  Spaniel Annual 2007 - Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
David Beck-Brown will be performing the role of Detective Paul Mundell in Murder at the Club, an original play written and directed by on-line theatre critic Hitch. The Play is a part of the activities of the Spaniel Annual 2007 "Reach for the Stars" fundraiser held on Saturday August 18, 2007 from 6:30 to 10:30pm at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club Mountain View Terrace.
View Event Flyer

April 2007

  Out Door Art Foundation
Carlsbad, California. Exhibition of new art installations by David Beck-Brown and inclusion on a new artist web site.

October 2006 - November 2007


David Beck-Brown and Kimberly Knox have partnered in a new business venture:  Invitation Only.  Their studios and gated sculpture garden are located in Spring Valley, California---and while visitors are welcome, it is in fact--by invitation only.    

Both artists are available for private, corporate and public commissions.


October 14-15, 2006


The Port of San Diego Sculpture Show at the Embarcadero Marina Park North (behind Seaport Village), David Beck-Brown is exhibiting several new faux concrete and construction rebar sculptures from the Woman-Icon series. For information and tickets: sandiegosculptureshow.com


August 30, 2006 - August 30, 2007

  City of Carlsbad. Visual & Performing Arts Program: A one year (public art) installation of a monochrome-steel sculpture entitled "Sky-Sketch". This work of art was initially exhibited adjacent to the San Diego Harbor in conjunction with the San Diego Unified Port District and its Public Art Program. Artist Reception on Sunday, October 8, 2006

August 2006

University of California San Diego. Performing the role of "Dr. Beck-Brown" (Computer Specialist) in a series of campus information alerts on the subject of installing anti-virus programs on student computers. Applied Physics & Mathematics building in Muir College.

July 2006


Photographer: NYC (2005), documentation of Ecological Artist Aviva Rahmani's www.ghostnets.com performance reenactment of three women emptying the contents of their pocketbooks, then describing each item, their  meanings and why they had been in the pocketbooks. This was done in a conversational manner, making eye contact and referring to rapes, divorces, jobs, etc.

At the conclusion of the conversation, the women returned the contents into their pocketbooks and left in different directions, as they had entered. The significance, at the time of its origination from 1969-1972, was that women should not open their pocket books in public. Pocketbooks represent something secretive & private. (Title of book to be announced.)

July 18, 2006
Joined with a large group of international artists in support of ArtByPlace.com. Their two fold mission of bringing artists throughout the world together and promoting their work is admirable.


June 2006


Spring 2006 - Spring 2007
Mount Helix Gate Project, artist

Rock worker and artist working with community-minded volunteers on building the natural stone masonry and gateway to Mount Helix Park, near La Mesa, California, USA, thirty miles from the international border with Mexico. The park is a non-profit foundation located in the Unincorporated Community of Mount Helix. It is the site for plays, weddings, Easter Sunrise Services and other community events.

The original rock wall was built by the historic CCC (National Civilian Conservation Corp) during the Great Depression of the 1930s and constructed with no mortar. The wall is a historic site and a good example of depression era folk-architecture (with a touch of character).

"The Office Olympics" directed by Stefanie Ramirez and produced by Ferley Aguda, California State University Northridge, student film. For information contact ferlayjosefin@hotmail.com


May 2006


May 24, 2006
Representing A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing) in Sacramento and at the California State Capitol on prison-reform legislation.

May 19-21, 2006 @ 7:30 pm
"The Man Who Came to Dinner" by Kaufman and Hart presented by the Looking Glass Theater of San Diego at the First Unitarian Fellowship in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA. Performing the role of the distinguished, lovable and comical Teutonic Professor, Adolph Metz.

May 12, 2006
Indi-film documentary "25 to Life" director Delos Pickett focuses on three-strikes legislation.


March 2006


"Blank Faces" written & directed by Andy Aguilera. SDSU student film to be viewed by industry professionals. Performing the role of the murderous and evil Doctor Specter. (In production, winter-spring of 2006).

Ron Finley Studio Photography Design, International advertisement campaign for Eagle sunglasses. Shotgun-holding model for outdoor print and film.

March 2000-06
San Diego Art Institute, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA, Regular art exhibitor

March 1, 2006
A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment and Healing), Guest Speaker at the CEPS (Coalition for Effective Public Safety) rally and march from the California State Capital to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Prison-Reform speaker. Articles (political cartoons) for A New PATH bi-monthly newsletter (2001-06).


February 2006


February 5, 2006
"The Departure", multiple-layered painting (Sold), Garden Gallery, 403 West Chapman Ave., Orange, CA. (714) 516-9337.

Feb. 3 - Mar. 12, 2006
"Wait Until Dark" by Frederick Knott presented at the Coronado Playhouse Coronado, CA. Performing role of a policeman.


July 2005

  July 31, 2005
War on Drugs
. Research. Traveled to Colombia during June and July to research the effect the US “war on drugs” is having on the people of Colombia. Interviewed a diverse group of people including military, police, clergy, scholars, farmers, taxi drivers, students, artists, house wives and others.

February 2005

  February 1, 2005
Roman Allegories
by Eleanor Antin, exhibition at the Feldman Gallery, New York City. Print entitled “At the Edge of Night”. Modeled in group print.

November 2004

  November 4, 2004
San Diego Union-Tribune
article on “Art auction to aid the fight of breast cancer” held in Solana Beach. Image of the artist using a blowtorch to create a multiple-layered painting. See the full article here.

August 2004

  August 12, 2004
"More Trouble for Our Prison System" commentary. San Diego Union-Tribune commentary.

January 2004

  January 29, 2004
Public Art
, Urban Trees, entitled Sky-Sketch; an image of the sculpture at the port can be seen here. Additional information on the Urban Trees project can be found at the Port of San Diego's Art Project web site

November 2003

  Indi-film documentary "Far Away Voice" directed by Howard Galloway advocating reinstating the California Department of Corrections' Arts-in-Corrections program.